This page was last updated on: April 2, 2003

Logan County Cemeteries
This page was created in an effort to record the locations of cemeteries in Logan County so that future researchers can find them.  If you know of any that can be added to the list, please email me.  If anyone wants to submit readings, those will be posted too.
White Oak Cemetery - located upper Spruce Fork about 2 miles from Blair

Albert Browning Cemetery - on hill at Blair

Ed. Mullins Cemetery - Mouth of Pigeon Roost Branch.on hill

Opperman Cemetery - AKA as Mullins, Ellis Cemetery across creek from Church of God,

Lydia Mullins Cemetery - Located at Midway beside highway.near a bridge.

Seng Camp Cemetery - Located short distsnce from school; 1ST left hand hollow on a hill. Burial place for Meridith, Fernandes Burgess. Also Mullins, Smith, Sanford Browning family

Little-Brown Cemetery at Clothier.across creek railroad bridge
Ottawa - one grave on hill

Stark Cemetery -.on Spruce Laurel Creek - Left hand side of creek

Workman Cemetery - up Spruce Laurel on right side, on a hill.

Hale Cemetery - Sharples (Sodom ) Near Ball Chapel.  

~ Norma Burgess, submitter