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By Hassel Browning
May 2001
My family moved from Ethel to Sovereign about 1923.  Sovereign had a two room school house, a large Company store, a movie house, about 100 houses, a doctor's office, Post Office and church.

Sovereign was the end of the line for the train. The track switch going up the hollow for the turn a round was near the school. If the passenger train was going to turn around the engine brakeman would throw the switch by the school house and the train would go up the hollow toward the mine and when the train got up far enough the brake man would throw a switch and the train would back out of the hollow to the main line and pull down to the station which was the store.

The school house consisted of 2 rooms, the upper room teacher taught 1-2-3-and 4; The lower room teacher taught 5-6-7-8.  The Movie theater had movies on the week-ends and Tue. or Wed.  I delivered the Cincinnati Post and on the week-end the news magazine "Grit".

When the mine shut down, the Company issued scrip to the men that had credit for it and the men could buy anything in the store. I believe the sale lasted 2 days. When the store was empty and they locked it up, some of the boys couldn't resist the urge to explore, we found nothing of value but there were nail kegs of scrip of all denominations, we filled our pockets and when we got outside the store we threw the scrip at each other.