Norma Jean Hager Burgess
1923 - 2003

I only knew Norma through email, but that was enough to get to know her enough to recognize and respect her desire to document the history of Logan County before all knowledge of it's early days was lost by the passing of those who lived there many years ago. 

She offered stories, photos, and general information to anyone who wanted it. She was appalled by the condition of many Logan cemeteries and worried over their potential loss for the generations to come.

I admired her dedication and selfless giving and will always remember her as I continue to document both my own ancestry and the history of the areas my ancestors came from.

A great contributor of this site, she often was so generous to tell me that if I wanted any photos from her site, I should feel free to take them for mine.  I've used some of those photos on this site.  Today, I took one more:
Rest in peace, Norma.  You will be missed.