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By Shelby Burgess
December 2001
I lived at Blair a great deal of my life; up Pigeon Roost Branch and on Main Spruce at what we called "Midway".  It was called that because it was midway between Blair and Seng Camp Creek.

We grew our own food.  Dad was an enterprising man;  When work slowed in the mines he made & sold whiskey (he wasn't the only one!!)

I had many good times when young; At that time Spruce Fork was a pure water stream to swim in and fish. In the winter the stream would freeze; you could put a sled on the ice and go a mile downstream!!

In the late fall was hunting season. plenty of small game to shoot at. A boy could dig herbs and fight forest fires to get his personal money...

Hicks School was the name of the one room school at Midway. The teacher was William Weekley .He was quick to use the paddle if a student got out of line, but he gave a good basic education if you were willing to learn.

Some of the old settlers at Midway were: Joseph Ellis Roman Burgess (my dad), Sherman Strickland, Ford Hicks, Aunt Lydia Mullins, Adolfus Smith, Opie McKinney, Drew Mullins, John Mullins, Aunt Lavelette Burgess, Alvie Rowe, Sanford Browning 
Some of the old settlers at Blair and Pigeon Roost were: Ed. Burgess, Huey Aleshire, Roy Linville, Peter Seymour, Denver Kinder, Aunt Hettie Osborne, Scott Mullins, Lewis, Ella, Forest Smith, Keenis Browning, Yantes Booth, V.S. Browning, Van McNeely, Willard Burgess, Palmer Cook, Gilmer Cook, Scott Burgess, Lewis Burgess, Ed Mullins, Pearl Kincaid, Blackburn Hager, Elwood McCormick, Jink Baldwin, Silas Browning, Roy Browning, Wade Miller, Violet Clear, Autie Smith, Alice Mullins, Andrew Ellis, Zella Summers, George Grimes, Pete Kulchic, Ed Suthers, Dorothy Burgess, Ambrose Browning, Harry Quillin, Arch Tipton, Linzie Williams, Walter Jones, Frank & Mary Hager, Lowell Elkins, W.S. Weekley, Rex Burgess, Clyde
Burgess, Casey Adkins, P.C.Roberts, Ottis Burgess, Homer Ellis, Homer Hager, Oliver Baldwin, Abner Ellis, Harvey Ellis, Carlos Ellis, Unabel and Jon Burgess.
Students at Midway School