My brother Jim Lilly, myself, our wives (Paula S. (Rowsey) Lilly, Janice "Hinchman" Lilly), were in Hawaii in the late 70s and were attending a Don Ho show, if I remember correctly.  He was asking everyone what city or town they were from.  Some said Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, etc.  My brother said #21, Don Ho said, "Sir, that is a number not a town."  He was not familiar with those of us who lived at #21 Holden, 5 & 6, 7 & 8, 22, etc.  We got a great kick out of it.

Second Story:

Does anyone remember having a snowball battle from one coal storage house to another across an alley.  It helped if the coal level was low.

Rev. Carl B. Lilly,
Chesapeake, Ohio