Hassel Browning
1915 - 2005

As with all members of the LOGANWV email list, I was touched by the participation and memories of Hassel Browning.  He contributed often to this site, submitting write ups, reviewing photos, and giving general background insight and comments.  There were many times where he didn't have an answer, but he'd go rustle up one of his friends who did.

In 2001, my husband, uncle, aunt and I were in WV, trying to find Ethel Hollow, where my father and uncle had been born.  Hassel invited us into his home in Ethel and we sat with him and talked for quite a long time, like we'd known each other for decades.  He then showed us where the hollow was and generously offered to help us find anything else we were looking for.

He shared with us the story of the nearby stone church and how his father had worked on that project, moving the stones to the area to build that church.  All of this was carefully scheduled in between his breathing treatments for black lung.

He was a wonderful, sharing, caring, hospitible person who touched many lives in our genealogy group.  This was evident by the flurry of concerned emails when Hassel went "silent" on the list during a hospital stay in early 2005.

Having grown up in California, I missed out on a great part of my WV heritage. Thank you, Hassel, for the stories of Ethel that you shared with me and, even more, for the the privilege of knowing you.
Rest in peace.