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Hart's Creek
Taken from the Logan WV discussion list:

Does anyone remember the big rock in the river at Harts creek, right below the bridge, where you could go under the water and come up inside the rock and sit for hours and no one could find you????

~ Jerry

Sounds like a great place. Was this one big rock, or more than one, close together? I was just wondering how you had air to breath for hours?

~ Barbara Mowery

Well it was one big rock...and we would jump off it and swim under...and it was like a cave therefore you could hide there for a long time....

~ Jerry

I live in Harts and the big rock you are speaking of is still there. As far as swimming under and into it, I have no idea!  I do know the rock was initially on the mountain above route 10. My husbands grandfather worked on the crew who cut the road through that area and he was standing on the rock seconds before it fell into the river. I have saw flood waters almost over it too. That old rock is a landmark in Harts.

~ Deb

My Uncle Alfred Clark used to tell us a "big windy" about how he and an Indian got into a fight when he was a young man and he threw the rock at him, missed and it landed in the river.  He never said what happened to the Indian.    We believed him until we got older and knew it was just one of his stories.   

~ Judy Peyton Marks