BCCC Employees

Adams, Ray - Warehouse Manager
Aleshire, Hughie - ?
Alley, Moses -  # 6 Store Manager
Anteski, Benny - Clerk at the "Y"

   Baldwin, Brice - Electrical & Refrigeration
Baldwin, Claude - Motorman
Baldwin, Hassel George - Mechanic, General Laborer, Electrician & Tipple (Operator)
Baldwin, Shadie - Mechanic Company Vehicles
Ball, Jack - Preparation Plant (tipple)
Ball, Nick - Coal Delivery
Bias, Opie, UMWA Chairman (this is my Great Uncle)
Bella, Kathy - Company Office
Bella, Steve - Company Store
Bowen, Evert - Inside Miner
Bowen, Harlan - Inside Miner
Bowen, Marion - Inside Miner
Bradley, James - Inside Miner
Brim, Charlie - Shop Crew
Brim, Dane - Company Store
Brown, R. H. - Section Foreman
Brown, Russell - ?
Brown, "Squirlie" - Shop Repair
Brown, Virginia - Nurse
Browning, Herb - Motorman
Browning, Hershel, - Cutter Operator
Browning, Silas - Security Guard
Browning, W. D. - Security Guard / Deputy Sheriff
Burgess, Basil - Motorman
Burgess, Clifford - Inside worker (brother of Shelby Burgess)
Burgess, Don - Foreman (inside mining)
Burgess, Donald - Inside Miner
Burgess, Ed Jr. - Inside Miner
Burgess, Ed Sr. - Inside Miner
Burgess, Jim - Section Foreman
Burgess, Raymond - Inside Miner
Burgess, Sherman - Inside Miner

Carrasco, Joe Sr. - Inside Miner
Carroll, Jessie - Inside Miner
Castle, Ervin - Tipple
Castle, Roy - Inside Miner
Chambers, Bill - Chief of Tipple Operations
Chambers, Bruce - Dispatcher Inside Mines
Clay, Charlie - Inside Miner
Cline, Thomas - Mine (Inside) Superintendent
Collins, Jim - Inside Miner
Cook, Bill - Section Foreman
Cook, Charles (Buckshot) - Engineer and Surveyor   
Cook, Palmer - Building Carpenter
Coon, Harry - Inside Miner
Copher, H. L. - Superintendent
Cottrill, Darrell - Inside Miner
Cottril, James - Inside Miner
Crabtree, Frank - Inside Miner
Crumb, George - Inside Miner

Davis, Harry - Chief, Electrical & Mechanical Operations
Dawson, Austin - Inside Miner
Demjin, Frank - Delivery (and Monclo Scout Master)
Demjin, Margaret - #2 Store
Doss, Elbert - Inside Miner
Doss, Lousill - Office Monclo Store

Echols, "Deck" - General Office
Elkins, Lowell - Foreman (inside mining)
Epling, Other - Monclo Office
Eylam, Audie - Inside Miner

Fargo, Bert -- Inside Miner
Fargo, George - Coal Loader
Fargo, Joe - Inside Repair
Fargo, John - Track Man
Flannery, Elmer - Inside Miner
Flint, Oscar - Butcher Monclo Store
Fraley, Arthur "Doc" - Armiture Repair
Frame, Dr. Ray I. - Physician

    Gayhart, Roy - Electrician & Shop Foreman (my grandfather)
Gore, Arthur - Inside Miner
Greenwall, Ed - Superintendent
Grimes, George - Preparation Plant (tipple)
Guy, Lloyd - Carpenter

Hager, Lonnie - Section Foreman
Hamilion, Lon - Inside Miner
Harris, Charles Edward
Harris, C. R. - "Y" Assistant
Harris, Crit - Construction
Harris, Danvil "Dan"
Harris, Henry "Ime's" - Ventilation
Harris, Ishamel "Ish" - Cutting Machine Operator
Harris, Jesse - Preparation Plant; Construction
Harris, Millard
Hicks, Clifford Curtis - Surveyor Crew / Slate Picker
Hicks, Clifford D. - Coal Cutting Machine Operator
Honaker, Wirt - Store Manager; Monclo #2
Howard, Robert - Director of the YMCA
Howell, John - Inside Miner

Ireson, Dan - Store Manager

Jack, J. L. - Engineer
Jack, Riddle (Mrs. J. L. Jack) - Nurse
Jarrell, Fred - Inside Miner
Jarvis, Bill - Cutting Machine Operator
Johnson, Frank - Inside Miner
Johnson, Henry - Inside Miner
Johnson, Red - Inside Miner
Jones, Bill - Inside Miner
Jones, Carl - Inside Miner

Kincaid, William - Engineering and Maps
Kinney, Sherman - Inside Miner
Kitchen, Orville - Inside Miner

Lane, Charles - Tipple (son of Shady Lane)
Lane, Earl - Shop (son of Shady Lane)
Lane, Gay - Company Store (dau in law of Shady Lane)
Lane, Ezra "Shady" - Chief Welder
Lane, Willie - Repair Shop (son of Shady Lane)
Lee, Bob - Shop Repair
Lewis, Raymond - Inside miner
Linville, Raymond - Foreman (inside mining)
Linville, William - Inside Miner
Littleton, Milt - Inside Miner

Mann, James - Inside Miner
Martain, Dude - Post Office / Mine Office Monclo
Martin, Dude - Payroll
McAlister, Ted - Warehouse
McCormick, Ray - Inside Miner
McKinney, Frank - Inside Miner
Miller, Foy - Foreman (inside mining); shop
Moore, E. L. - General Office
Morton, Ralph - Section Foreman
Mullins, Edward - Preparation Plant (tipple)

Nickles, Leonard - Inside Miner

Orlando, Katie - Clubhouse Attendant

Patterson, Hatler - Inside Miner
Pennington, Herbert - Pumper / Inside Miner
Phillips, Andy - "Y" Assistant Manager
Phillips, Gus - Inside Miner
Preston, Calvin - "Y" Assistant Manager

Quillen, Harry - Inside Miner

Reed, Eldon - Outside
Reed, Ernie - #2 Store Manager
Reeves, C. H. - Inside Miner
Reid, Ernie - Grocery Manager Monclo Store
Reid, Gladys - Switchboard Operator
Richards, Early - Inside Miner
Robinson, Mr. - Keeper, Horse Barn, Nr 6 Camp
Robinson, Paul - Construction
Robinson, Sarah - Secretary
Roe, Alvie - Inside Miner

Sachs, Rodney - General Manager
Scholl, C. B. - Engineer
Schultz, Austin - Suttle Car Operator
Schultz, Richard - Miner
Schultz, Roberta - Company Store
Sects, Jim - Office
Selkirk, Macy - Secretary
Sholl, Bob - High School Coach
Smith, Archie - Truck Driver
Smith, Arnold - Motorman
Smith, Artie - Painter (He only had one arm)
Smith, Ernal - Cutter Operator
Smith, Lako - Foreman (inside mining)
Smith, Mooch - Inside miner
Smith, Oliver - Foreman (inside mining)
Smith, Pershing - Foreman
Sorrell, William - ?
Sullivan, Fred - Preparation Plant
Sullivan, Harold - Store Manager

Terrel, "Cussin" - Inside Miner, Outside Spirit Sales
Thompson, Henry Kelly - Carpenter
Thompson, Walter - Inside Miner
Trent, Curt Sr. - Section Foreman
Turner, Bob - Section Foreman
Turner, Hugh - Section Foreman
Turner, Ray - Inside Miner

Valandingham, Sam - Inside Miner

Waddell, K. R. - Inside Section Foreman
Ward, Lonnie - Coal Cutting Machine Operator
Warreck, Gus - Inside Miner
Walker, Owen - Inside MinerZickafoose, Grady
Welch, John - N. Y. Church, Army Scout Master
Wesner, Richard - Superintendent
White, Basil - Tipple Foreman
White, Paul Ralph "Greeley" - Cap Dropper
White, Paul - Test, Evaluation
White, Willie - Inside Miner
Williams, Chambers (Red) - Office Manager
Williams, Jessie Riggs - Butcher; Company Store
Williamson, Hi - Miner
Wilson, Al - Vice President

Young, Ruth Dr. - Company Doctor

Zickafoose, Grady - Inside Miner
Ziler, "Pop" - Manager All Stores

Sudden Inundation of No. 2A Mine

Boone County Coal Corporation
Monclo, Logan County, West Virginia
May 8, 1958

Twenty-Four Men
Written by James Ford of Dobra

Thursday, May 8th, after dinner time,
24 men were trapped in a mine.
Of their jobs these men were proud,
24 men in this little crowd.

Near the drift mouth there was a scramble,
Their friends and loved ones and their families,
With anxious faces and tear stained eyes;
While many a prayer went up to the vaulted skies.

I stood and watched as the waters rolled out;
I saw some weeping as I turned about;
Silent prayers were uttered deep within,
While we thought about the 24 men.

They had eaten their food and drank their drinks,
Now God had given them a time to think.
They thought of the present and they thought of the past,
And they began to wonder how long they would last.

It was the darkest day they ever knew,
They had to trust God to bring them through,
More than 13 hours they stayed this way,
Not knowing they would ever see the light of day.

Men worked for a living and play a game to win,
but  let me give you the names of the 24 men.
There was Flannery, Schultz and Dawson,
Bowen, Richards and Johnson.

In a place black as night
Were also Hamilton and Willie White.
Just wait and I'll tell you more,
There was Bradley, Burgess and Gore.

They were fenced in like a chicken,
Here were Thompson, Phillips and Kitchen.
There sitting on the mine floor
Were Castle, Bob Turner and Carrasco.

To the rest this wasn't a pleasant place to choose,
For Ray Turner, Cottrill and Zickefoose.
These names were in a paper that came daily,
Including Baldwin, Collins, and Fraley.

The grim reaper failed to work his sickle,
He also spared Leonard Nickles.
May we pause every now and then
And thank God for the rescue of the 24 men.

Local Union No 2935
Sharples, WV

Submitted by Debbie Thompson, granddaughter of Austin Schultz, one of the 24 rescued men.

Thanks to Eddie Burgess for supplying the documentation giving the full list of names of the 24 men.

Austin Schultz
Ed Burgess Jr
Ray Turner
Bob Turner
Willie White
Leonard Nickles
Arthur "Doc" Fraley
Joe Carrasco Sr.
Claude Baldwin
Jim Collins
James Cottrell
Grady Zickefoose
Roy Castle
Walter Thompson
Gus Phillips Jr.
Orville Kitchen
James Bradley
Lon Hamilton
Arthur Gore
Elmer Flannery
Austin Dawson
Harlon Bowen
Early Richards
Frank Johnson

Note from Shelby Burgess:  They selected higher ground & waited on help to arrive. The mine was flooded at the entrance and they had no escape. Oliver " Pot " Smith knew every passage in the mine, and got to them by using old worked out routes. He led them to the outside.

Articles regarding this incident from The Charleston Daily Mail
Submitted by Eddie Burgess

Front Page Article
Front Page (cont)
Article 2

I thought this was a neat idea, submitted by Shelby Burgess, to post names and titles of the men who worked for the BCCC.  Please email me with any additions. 

These contributions so far have been mostly submitted by Shelby Burgess and Tom Gayhart.  A few people are now contributing the names of their father's or grandfather's.  In places where conflicting job titles were submitted, both are given.
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